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Breck's success is based on innovative technology and the highest quality raw materials from which we create car parts. The friction materials from the LU700 family have been designed with demanding users in mind. They are characterized by low wear (therefore they do not contaminate the rims) and guarantee high braking efficiency.

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Safety. Your safety. The safety of your loved ones and all road users. This has always been paramount to us and what we have focused on while developing our new brake pad production technologies. 

Quality assured by certificates and ECE R-90 certification

Comprehensive tests  in Poland and abroad

Responsibility for our products and the environment

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I’ve been choosing Breck’s product for a long time. They are an ideal indicator of how the price to offered possibilities ratio should look like. We purchase braking pads and brake discs at a low price and in the highest and very competitive quality. I simply recommend it.

Marcin Nowacki,

I’ve always cared about reliability and predictability.  At work and on the road I simply choose Breck. I know that I can rely on the equipment, that’s why I also recommend Breck to my clients. There is no competition at this price.